Thank you

“BE communication has been really great at guiding us in designing our brochures and business cards. A fantastic process with constructive presentations, nice design. - follow up comments on the final layout and delivery, all in the agreed time and at a reasonable price”. Thank you.

Carl E AndersenCe-Tec A/S

We can warmly recommend BE communication

"From many years experience we have found BE communication's work methods to be invaluable as they have carried out many jobs for us to our great satisfaction".

"We can warmly recommend BE communication's expertise".

Mona Skannerup, Mil-tek Danmark A/S

We have often recommended BE communication

"We have used BE communication to translate tourist related texts to German, English, Swedish and Dutch as well as, to a lesser degree, Norwegian, French and Italian ever since they started. The translations have been delivered promptly and I have the impression that the translators have an excellent understanding of the Danish language. If there have been any doubts we have been informed of these and have been given options. We have also been informed of any spelling mistakes in the Danish texts".

"Some of this work has, for example, been for the TopCamp Magazine (in part), the "Jutland's Attractions" brochure (in part) together with homepages for both these publications. Earlier, BE communication has translated "Snapseruten" [The Snap's Route] guide to German and Swedish as well as the guides "Fiskeri i Limfjorden" [Fishing in the Limfjord] and "Limfjordsoplevelser" [Activities on the Limfjord] to German".

"On the whole, we have been extremely satisfied with BE communication's work and have often recommended BE communication to companies with whom we cooperate".

Morten Strange, Dansk Turismeudvikling

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