Why should you let others proofread?

The more you work with text, the more difficult it becomes to look objectively at it. Most lose track and the ability to find even the most obvious mistakes - the best thing would be to let a fresh pair of eyes take over.

Language revision and proofreading of original texts

A professional proofreader reviews and corrects the entire text.

We find any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and typos. In this way we ensure you that the text is flawless and linguistically correct.

We always return a document with corrections and comments - ready for approval. If you want a document with the corrections already made, we can do that as well!

Checks carried out by professional translators

Once your text has been setup in a finished document (e.g. PDF, InDesign, Photoshop, on a website, etc.), it’s a good idea to have it read through a second time.

There may be typos during setup. If the text has also been setup in a foreign language, there can be errors in the order of words. Therefore, it is an advantage that a mother tongue translator reads through the text. In that way you get the best quality and ensure that the language appears correctly.

Once your text appears flawless and correct - it signals professionalism and quality.

It's a small investment - but perhaps the most important and decisive factor that makes the customer choose you

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