Sworn translations and certification of documents

Marriage certificates, certificate of baptism, divorce decree, criminal records, birth certificates, etc.

When are these documents we certify used?

A certified or sworn translation is used at trials, when you are getting married abroad, if you must apply for admission to a foreign educational institution, and in other official contexts.

Who certifies these documents?

Certified translations must only be made by state authorized translators, who can certify translations into or from the language they are sworn in. With their signature and stamp the translator confirms that the translation is a true and faithful representation of the original text. For legal texts it may also be necessary to get the certified translation authenticated by the Foreign Ministry and the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency, and possibly the relevant country's embassy.

Why should they be certified?

To make documents/certificates legally valid in Denmark and abroad. Using a sworn translator, we can provide translations with a certification endorsement and translator stamp, giving you a guarantee that the translations are lawful in Denmark and abroad.

We always and exclusively use authorized translators, whereby you will get the best quality.

The translator's stamp is your guarantee and confirmation that the translation is consistent with the original text

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